• Training: Mon Happy Valley 8-9.30. Thurs CWB Sports Ground 7.30-9
  • Subs are due. See social tab for details
  • Next Game: 12 Jan. Please fill in availability.
  • 8 Dec: Result - A 37-10 B 25-10, T3 15-50
  • Eve of Eve of Xmas Eve drinks : Bobbys Rabble - 5.30 Sun 23rd
  • Latest News : Onwards and upwards

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Map of rugby grounds and other locations of interest to the Phoons

Hong Kong Typhoons RFC

Welcome to the Typhoons RFC! Below are the dear members of our committee. Feel free to ask them any questions. 

Club Chairman (club introduction, general enquiries):  Paddy

Club Captain (recruitment, social events):  Ali Sharaki
Treasurer: G Man

Plan A Captain: Oli McC
Plan B Captain: Aidan Dent

T3 Captain: Yannick
Club Secretary: Jamie Keane
Tour Coordinator: Olly Mc and Chris Bolton

Feel free to contact us