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Gai Wu

Gai Wu

06 Oct 2018, Saturday / 15:00 Tai Hang Tung
Match Report
Status: Match Report

Plan B took on Gai Wu Rebels, match summary from one of the many Phoons Captains to have a better winning record than Lakey after one game, Aidan Dent - 

"Apart from being pushed in our own 22 for for about 10 minutes in the first half, the match was always in our control. Both forwards and backs played very well, especially the backs given how many new players we had. The forwards dominated at the breakdown and set pieces, which culminated in Gai Wu being shown a yellow card for collapsing a maul for the third time and conceding a penalty try for collapsing the scrum on their 5 metre line. The backs were able to cut through their opposition more and more easily as the game went on, with some strong, aggressive running from our centres and our wingers finishing off moves very well. A lot to be happy about and build on for the rest of the season." Result 38-0 Plan B

Points Summary