• Training: Mon Happy Valley 8-9.30. Thurs CWB 7.30-9
  • Results: A 35-3, B 65-0, T3 26-35 Good nudge by all..
  • Next Game: 26 Oct. CWB at Happy Valley. T3 Gai Wu at THT- Please fill in availability.
  • Please fill in all availability as early as possible.
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HKFC Select

HKFC Select

16 Feb 2019, Saturday / 15:00 Happy Valley
Match Report
Status: Match Report

13-17 Plan B – A tough defeat for Plan B on Saturday after a battle with a strong football club side. The game was nip and tuck with momentum swinging every 10 minutes or so, with Plan B showing how much we’ve improved since the last time we played each other. From leading, to falling behind to leading again right up until the last 4 minutes, only for a lapse in concentration that was only just long enough for football club to capitalise on and score. Given the effort put in there were a few dropped heads at the end of the game, including from myself, but if we can play with the same heart and effort when we meet them again in the GC final then I’m sure we’ll get the victory that so much of our play deserved. Heads up boys, only 3 weeks until we get to play them again.

Even in defeat all three teams showed their character at the weekend. That said, the pain doesn’t go away and it’s important we channel that as a positive driver into our next set of games as we look to Grand Final games for A and B and a Divisional win for T3.

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