• Training: Mon Happy Valley 8-9.30. Thurs CWB 7.30-9
  • Results: A 35-3, B 65-0, T3 26-35 Good nudge by all..
  • Next Game: 26 Oct. CWB at Happy Valley. T3 Gai Wu at THT- Please fill in availability.
  • Please fill in all availability as early as possible.
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Valley Griffins

Valley Griffins

26 Jan 2019, Saturday / 13.30 So Kon Po
Match Report
Status: Match Report


T3 vs Valley Griffins – “Oh that feels good! We were short in the front and we were playing a team who beat us before heavily Christmas. On the paper it was a game that we would hardly come first. We started by losing possession of the ball, Valley showed strong commitment in the rucks and the scrums but somehow it was like everyone on the pitch felt something click in their head. We were to dominate this game. Not the prettiest scrums, not the smoothest line-outs but we kept possession of the pill. Great defence in the backs, stealing from Valley and we played simple Typhoons rugby

Happy to see the whole team enjoying being there with their mates as the game unfolded. We went over 5 times against once only for Valley. Boys, we started the final rounds of CL1-A in the best manner with the bonus point. Final score 33-5.”

Points Summary