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  • Results: A 35-3, B 65-0, T3 26-35 Good nudge by all..
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Ewan Lamont

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 Field Notes:
1) Attaining a relationship of blissful symbiosis with Sri-Lankan Gavin's impossibly large left buttock during one match particularly rife with scrummaging.
2) Insisting rugby socks pulled up throughout the duration of the match improves one's technique
3) Imbibing a warm pint of Carlsberg from his semi-porno cowboy boots during early 2004 'Yank of the Day' celebrations
4) Regularly waking up in a cold sweat to images of John Allum poised over a bottle of Jose Cuervo - "Just the three shots for now..."
5) Admitting to once wearing the 2004 VP creation "Joseph and his Technicolour Phoons shirt" to a dirty Wanchai night out
6) Educating himself with choice Tagalog phrases in preparation for Manila from the well-renowned Neptunes II School of Excellence.
7) Doubting both Nico's masculinity and his heterosexuality in attached photo

Origin: Somewhere
DOB: 25th September 1980
Body: (weight: 196lbs/88kg / height: 5ft. 11inches (177cm))
Position: Open/Blind-side flanker - yet children still hear stories of his playing front row against that Nomads team
Seasons: 03/04 Season (on loan from North-West Wilts Ladies Badminton club) - extended stopover en route to Taiwan
Tours: Manila 2004 (giving rise to his 10% ownership of Makati's finest, Rascal's)
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