• Training: Mon Happy Valley 8-9.30. Thurs CWB 7.30-9
  • Results: A 35-3, B 65-0, T3 26-35 Good nudge by all..
  • Next Game: 26 Oct. CWB at Happy Valley. T3 Gai Wu at THT- Please fill in availability.
  • Please fill in all availability as early as possible.
  • Latest News : Onwards and upwards

Dru Han

 A true bogan from out west. Dru comes from a league background. Although not playing a single game of union before, he was rushed into the Phoons opening game of the 07/08 season.

Origin: Australian
DOB: Unknown
Body: Judging from the picture, not very good!
Position: Centre
Tours: Bangkok 08, Shekou 08, Macau 08, Singapore 08
Season Match Position Tries Points