• Training Mon: Happy Valley 6 at 8pm-9.30pm. Thurs: Temporarily at Happy Valley 4 at 8pm-9.30pm
  • Latest Result: Plan A 14 v 7 TSW
  • Next Game: T3 vs DB Pirates, HV6 3pm
  • Please fill in all availability as early as possible.
  • Latest News : Training is back on Mondays & Thursdays! Onwards and upwards, Ubuntu!


  • What no Manila?

    While we all acknowledge that Manila has been great to us - and in 2006 saw us as bowl finalists - we also realise that it is becoming a very large tournament and as such field time is limited. There will always be Manila, and Phoons will likely go independently to play, but as a club, we are looking for something different this year.

    As such, we are considering the official Tequila Mocking Birds end of season tour should be to Guam.  Why Guam? We know some of the guys from Guam RFC who have been good to us... Guam has great beaches and such for the WAGs (wives and girlfriends)... if you don't go to Guam to play rugby you are unlikely to ever find another reason to go there... er, that's it.

    We are looking for a tour manager, etc. Get involved.

    For links to Guam rugby see:

  • Fat Boy 10's 2015

  • Shanghai 2015

  • Phuket 2014

    Airport beers were had, a lot of. We all made it off the plane.

    Injuries awry, one man left behind for operations.

    We retired for fines and beers and whos got talent.

    Epic few days

  • Taiwan 2013

    The official Tequila Mockingbirds tour this year will take place in Taipei on 17th, 18th and 19th May.

    We are entering two teams into the Taipei 10s which will take place on the Saturday (18th), but given the Friday (17th) is a public holiday in Hong Kong we might as well aim to get over there on the Thursday night. 

    Given a few teams are travelling from HK, flights are getting booked up fast.

    It is important that you book your own flights NOW to avoid disappointment. (If it helps I’m on the China Airlines flight out on the 16th at 2010 and back on the 19th at 1715.)

    More details including hotels etc. will be provided very shortly, but for now please book the flights and let me know if you will be attendingClick here to email.

    This has the makings of the biggest TMB tour in history - It’s going to be EPIC.

  • Jakarta 2012

  • Pattaya 2011



  • Cebu 2010


     Apparently fun was had by all.

  • Bali 10s 2009

    This is definitely the most luxurious tour on the Asian circuit.....Add a plush resort for accommodation and what can you complain about.

    Well the English and Welsh still complained, the Yanks wouldn't shut up, the French actually drank and the Australian had to put up with them all......So a tour of norms and a tour of firsts.

    Very tough competition, with the bare 10 players, we were very grateful for the help of the University of WA, The Bush Turkeys, a man named Maxi and a couple of random Aussies on Holiday for a wedding.

    Finished 15th overall (will not mention that there were only 16 teams and 1 team forfeited the tournament!)

    Some interesting facts:

    • Was a pleasure to snort Tequila again
    • Even with the quality competition we acquitted ourselves quite well and were never embarrassed.....We held the Cup finalists (the Cobras) to 5-0 in the first half and only lost 19-0 in our pool game.....Something that the Cup semi-finalists could not manage.
    • First tour ever that more time was spent in a pool than on the rugby field.....Got to love Bali.
    • Frankie met his match in the shape (very big shape) of a man named "Grub" from the Bush Turkeys from the Northern Territory in Oz.
    • Stayed in Golf resort and no one actually got to set foot upon it ( I think a frenchman hanging a sh*t on the green one night was prob the closest)
    • Last night out in Kuta was a cracker only 3 made it out, a good premise for a joke "An Australian, an Englishman and a Frenchman walked into a bar........"
    • Next time an American grabs the mic from the lead singer of a band ....... make sure the cameras are out....In consecutive nights they sang fantastically (some french song and The Lion Kings "Can you feel the love tonight").....
    • Erricker got knocked the f*%k out by his wife......Katie should be the one fighting at hedgefund fight night!!
    • All Americans snore very loudly
    • Starting to think the "Jesus Can't Play Rugby" song may offend some people.
    • Moped riding was a experience.......
    • Thomas D was our player of the tournament with honourable mentions to Erricker and Olly (and the UWA boys!).....Fabien would have got a mention but he was penalised for not drop kicking a 22 restart (fined accordingly).

    That's all that will be disclosed......From all reports, not a bad tour.......

  • Saigon 2009

  • Bangkok 2008

     Despite playing alongside the likes of Bobby Skinsted, David Fitter and Bobo;  the Mockingbirds went through to the Semi-Finals of the Plate Competition.

  • Macau 10's 2008

    Only a few Mockingbirds decided to brave the black rain elements and front up to what was a great tournament in Macau.

  • Singapore Midnight 10s 2008

    Click title for full report.

    Excuses were made so we could travel to the Lion City early Friday morning. What was intended to be a dry flight turned slippery when a bottle of tequila was accidentally opened. This required beer chasers. On Friday night we played hosts "Blacks" at 7.45, Singapore Cricket Club (SCC) at 10.30, and SMU at 02.07(am). It was a long day.

    On Saturday at 12 something we were slotted to play SCC (again). We fronted up superbly, but there end-eth play.

    In summary, we consistently came second in all games played and indeed managed to keep a clean slate in the "points for" column.

    However, as is tradition, we snorted tequila before each match. Indeed such was the gravitas of pre-match motivationals that we were moved to sing the beserker chant before our last 2 matches. This raised eyebrows.

    The gift bottles of "Tequila Mocking Birds own brand tequila" were much appreciated by captains of the opposing teams. Especially by captain of Singapore Cricket Club. He carried it around like his first born for the rest of the night (I was to find out why later). We were subsequently invited to SCC to watch the tri-nations match and have our fines session.

    Of the fines it was said that, "never in the course of TMB history had so much been owed by so few for so many transgressions..." but that's another story. Before fines session I had the chance to speak with the SCC captain who told me he was sitting 3 seats away from Neil Bowler in Bali when the bomb went off. He showed me the memorial they have in the club bar. I feel this tour has made the bond between our clubs all the stronger. They certainly looked after us magnificently.

    We then changed into togas and set off for downtown Singapore

  • RWC 2007 Tour

  • Bali 2008

    What: Bali 10s Tournament 2008

    Where: Canggu Club, Bali

    When: 11th-12th October 2008

    Cost: TBA

    Please RSVP to jensensf@hotmail.com

  • GZ 2006

  • Manila sunset 2006

    This was a tournament with Mockingbirds dropping like flies more than anything. Multiple injuries cost the team in the finals of the Shield competition, but the Birds still managed to take the runners-up position and some silverware home.

  • Island of Gods 2006

    This was the first Bali 10s tournament at the luxury Canggu Club in Bali. Great location, breath taking pool-side pitch, monster waves and cold beers.

  • Macau Uni/Tequila Mockingbirds 2006

    A combined team from University and the Tequila Mockingbirds played in typical Macau 10s weather to great results- winning the plate. This was short lasted as the plate was lost on the ferry back to Hong Kong.
  • Cambodia Team

  • The Details

    This is the first Mockingbirds outing to Guam. Guam Rugby Club are the Phoons of Mirconesia. We'd planned this one for 2005, but didn't get around to it in the end. We are going to Guam instead of Manila this year. Manila is a great weekend, but several people have expressed wanting to go somewhere different, and the trouney's getting a little crammed.

    We've got excellent connections to the Guam Rugby Club and they've been wanting us to come over for along time. They will be excellent hosts. And there's no need emphasise Guam is a very decent place if you're in any way inclined to scubadiving and surfing....! This one will be for the boys, if the girls ask, tell them there's nothing there but a US naval base and any beaches have been contaminated by the fall out from years of nearby French nuclear testing.

    plan again is to leave around 1st Feb come back the 6th.
    Days off work: 3 but dependent on flight availability
    (fyi Chinese New Year is 16th-20th Feb)
    All-in budget (flights, hotels, shirts) probably ~HKD3000 but will try to get it below this.
    Accomodation, organisers are putting on 6-person bungalows!
    Another two day 10s tourney, but only 12 teams

  • Cambodia Plate winners

  • Okinawa 2016

  • Vietnam 2017