• Training Mon: Happy Valley 6 at 8pm-9.30pm. Thurs: Temporarily at Happy Valley 4 at 8pm-9.30pm
  • Latest Result: Plan A 14 v 7 TSW
  • Next Game: T3 vs DB Pirates, HV6 3pm
  • Please fill in all availability as early as possible.
  • Latest News : Training is back on Mondays & Thursdays! Onwards and upwards, Ubuntu!

About Us


The club started in 1994 and joined the fourth division which we went on to win in our debut season. Subsequently we have picked up a piece of silverware every year either on tours or from Hong Kong competitions. By the 1996/97 division we were playing in the second division and appearing at the Hong Kong international Tens where our claim to fame was scoring twice against the Clifford Chance Aliens - lets not mention how many they scored!

The club has supported many Asian Tournaments including the Bangkok, Canton, Shanghai, Manila and Bali 10's and memorable tours of Jakarta and Saigon in 1998 and 1999 respectively. We co-organised the Macau 10's alongside the Macau RFC in 1998 and 1999 which was hugely successful before the macau government concreted over the only grass pitch in Macau! It must also be noted that we played the Peoples Liberation Army in the final of the Canton 10's which proved to be their final match before the British Colony of Hong Kong was transferred back to Chinese sovereignty, alas it was a close final which they won (we had to let them really!). We remain to be a club that stems from good old amateur rugby ethics - mates, beers and great laughs - then we do that all again on the Saturday night.

It would also be worth mentioning that at one time our defacto club house was the Cactus Club which was owned and run by Typhoon Stephen Walsh ..... The Cactus club was three or four bars up from Post 97.


The Tequila Mockingbirds are the touring alter-ego of the famed HK-based Typhoons Rugby Club. Mixing an effervescent blend of champagne rugby, frequent imbibing and spontaneous singing, the Mockingbirds look to embody the true spirit of rugby - drink hard, hit harder.

Comprising an eclectic band of players from all over the globe, past tours have seen players come from such rugby powerhouses as Holland, Germany, Switzerland, Belgium, Sri Lanka and the USA. With a liberal sprinkling of English, Aussies, Kiwis and Saffas, the Mockingbirds look to remain competitive while also collegial.

Living up to their mantra - 'One tequila, two tequila, three tequila, floor...' it's best to catch the Mockingbirds on the second day of competition as the ills of touring will inevitably expose a soft underbelly. The same can't be said for day one as the Mockingbirds are renowned for spending the first night on tour holed up in the palatial surroundings of the team hotel watching game tapes and reviewing strategies.

A loquacious bunch, competitors should be warned not to take themselves too seriously as sharp tongues, made only sharper through Cuervo Gold, will be heard throughout the stadium as smatterings of 'You homo's' will be shouted for wearing fresh kit or gloves.

Never a team to shy away from a post-match drink, swing by for either a celebratory or commiserating beer after your next encounter with a Mockingbird....

In The Press

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