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  • Latest Result: Plan A 14 v 7 TSW
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Championship A Grand Finals

Championship A Grand Finals

09 Mar 2019, Saturday / 16:30 Shek Kip Mei
Match Report
Status: Match Report


It wasn’t the fairy-tale ending that we were hoping for after a tough game against a strong Football Club side. Going down 2 tries very early on left us too much to do, and although we did very well to close the gap to a 4 point game in the second half, we couldn’t find the score to put ourselves in front. Their final try flattered the score line for them a bit and didn’t reflect the competitiveness of the game played but ultimately we were beaten by a better side on the day. To the Plan B boys, I’ve said it before but I feel very proud to say that I lead out this side and the result at the final doesn’t change that. We’ve had a hell of a season and set the bar for next year. In October we go again. Final score 29-15 to FC

Points Summary