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Plan A - Week 1

Plan A - Week 1

10 Apr 2021, Saturday / 17:00 Kings Park
Match Report
Status: Match Report

Plan A vs CWB


What a fantastic start to rugby in 2021 as Plan A took to the pitch against CWB at Kings Park. A 5pm kick off to avoid the worst of the heat saw a nice socially distanced crowd of typhoons family supporting on the side-lines.

Having lost to CWB last season, Plan A sought to set things back to winning ways. CWB started strong and put the Phoons on the back foot initially, but we quickly settled and started applying pressure. Our set pieces were outstanding throughout, providing an excellent platform to attack from. A big shoutout to the tight five players for their outstanding scrummaging! A few tries in the first half to the Phoons built us some momentum and things really opened up in the second half. The backs started sending it wide, using the space and were repeatedly rewarded. A lot of indiscipline from CWB lost them the favour of the ref, leading to some frustration in the later parts of the game. The 7 new Plan A players slotted into the team seamlessly and kept our high speed play moving throughout the match. A brilliant victory 29-5! Bring on Club!

Try scorers: Jack, Henry, Badger, Rory, Paddy

MOM: Jack Berry, DOD: Scottish Mike, Commentator Extraordinaire: Young Al


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