• Training: Mon Happy Valley 8-9.30. Thurs CWB Sports Ground 7.30-9
  • Subs are due. See social tab for details
  • Next Game: 17 Nov. Please fill in availability.
  • 10 Nov: Result - A 10-20, B 0-10, T3 25-12
  • Xmas party 8th Dec : Fill out survey, ask G man for the link
  • Latest News : Onwards and upwards
  • Welcome to Typhoons Rugby

    If you want to play rugby, we want you

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  • Welcome to Typhoons Rugby

    If you want to play rugby, we want you

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  • Welcome to Typhoons Rugby

    If you want to play rugby, we want you

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  • Welcome to Typhoons Rugby

    If you want to play rugby, we want you

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  • Welcome to Typhoons Rugby

    If you want to play rugby, we want you

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Plan A: Next Match Starts In...

  • Typhoons
  • vs

  • Tin Shui Wai RFC
24 Nov 2018 15:00 / Tin Shui Wai

Plan B: Next Match Starts In...

  • Typhoons
  • vs

  • Disciplined Services Dev
17 Nov 2018 16:30 / Happy Valley

Plan C: Next Match Starts In...

  • Typhoons
  • vs

  • HK Scottish Phoenix
17 Nov 2018 15:00 / Happy Valley

Upcoming Matches

VS Plan Date & Time Venue
Disciplined Services Dev B 17 Nov 2018, Saturday / 16:30 Happy Valley
HK Scottish C 17 Nov 2018, Saturday / 15:00 Happy Valley
TSW A 24 Nov 2018, Saturday / 15:00 Tin Shui Wai
TSW 2 B 24 Nov 2018, Saturday / 16:30 Tin Shui Wai
HKFC Expendables C 24 Nov 2018, Saturday / 13:30 HK Football Club
DB Pirates A 01 Dec 2018, Saturday / 18:00 So Kon Po
Gai Wu B 01 Dec 2018, Saturday / 16:30 So Kon Po
Kowloon Beavers C 01 Dec 2018, Saturday / 15:00 So Kon Po
Valley Stallions C 08 Dec 2018, Saturday / 13:30 Happy Valley
HKU Sandy Bay A 08 Dec 2018, Saturday / 15:00 Sandy Bay
HKU Sandy Bay B 08 Dec 2018, Saturday / 16:30 Sandy Bay

Welcome to Typhoons Rugby

Welcome to the Vistra Typhoons RFC. Vistra is our title sponsor, Joe Bananas and Aninuan Beach Resort assist with kit sponsorshipThank you for your support and involvement with the team for another season.

Feel free to ask any questions to the committee members:

Club Chairman (club introduction, general enquiries):  Paddy
Club Captain (recruitmentand other important stuff):  Ali Sharaki

Minister of Fun (Socials) Chris Bolton
Treasurer: G Man
Plan A Captain: Oli Mc
Plan B Captain: Aidan Dent

T3 Captain: Yannick Lenormand
Club Secretary: Jamie
Tour Coordinator: Olly Arthey and Alex Jezard

Rugby enriches our lives every Saturday but unfortunately we are forced to work Monday to Friday to pay for our post match drinking. We run a first team side playing in HK Championship division and also Plan B in HK Championship A and T3 playing in HK Community League 1, our T3 team is aimed at those who are either new to rugby, in the twilight of their career or simply fancy some even more social rugby (if that is possible). Phoons offer competitive rugby for all talents and commitment. Training and touring is encouraged, but we appreciate we all have to work.

Our touring side, “The Tequila Mockingbirds”, reach all parts in Asia and last year's tour to Manila was a cracker. Past tours include France, Phnom Penh, Guam, Bangkok, Jakarta, Manila, Cebu, Pattaya, Bali, Shanghai, Okinawa, Phuket, Manila and Saigon among other destinations. This season will be no exception. See details on the website.

Boots and stuff available from Escapade Sports and very reasonably price professionally fitted mouthguards can be obtained from Armory Mouthguards.

If you want to play rugby, we want you



If you would like to join the Typhoons contact Quinny on 9667 6791 or email. Get your boots on...

We train every Monday at Happy Valley 8 – 9.30 & every Thursday in Causeway Bay Sports Ground from 7:30 to 9:00pm. Closest MTR is Tin Hau See more details >

Latest News & Events  

HK Rugby Venues Here

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Gum Shields

Armory Mouthguards Need a professionally fitted mouthguard? Armory Mouthguards offer a professional ...


We traineveryMonday Happy Valley, inside the race track on the rugby pitch at the opposite end of HKFC ...

Subs are due

Time to pay membership fees. Please read all of this and follow the instructions. The cost is HKD ...

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Previous Matches

Match Date Venue
HKFC Scorpions 10 Nov 2018, Saturday - 16:30 HK Football Club
HKFC Select 10 Nov 2018, Saturday - 15:00 HK Football Club
CWB Marines 10 Nov 2018, Saturday - 13:30 So Kon Po
City RFC 03 Nov 2018, Saturday - 15:00 Shek Kip Mei
City RFC 2 03 Nov 2018, Saturday - 16:30 Shek Kip Mei
USRC 03 Nov 2018, Saturday - 13:30 Shek Kip Mei
Disciplined Services 27 Oct 2018, Saturday - 13:30 Tai Hang Tung
CWB Tempest 20 Oct 2018, Saturday - 16:30 So Kon Po
CWB Pirates 20 Oct 2018, Saturday - 18:00 So Kon Po
Gai Wu - Cancelled 20 Oct 2018, Saturday - CANCELLED Gai Wu lacking players